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Construction Round Up

2017 has been a busy time for Airport Storage. If you have driven down Irving Wick or by on Heath Road you will have seen major construction happening. We are proud to have two new buildings added to our facility and more on the way in 2018.

Fall/Winter 2017

Building 9

Also known as “Expresso”, Building 9 is unique in that it holds only two units. One unit (40’x46′) will become home to a private business in the beginning of 2018.

  • Customized Floor Plan
  • 12′ Garage Doors
  • Office
  • Private Restroom
  • Multiple Points of Entry

Spring/Summer 2017

Building 8

Our biggest and most complex building yet, Building 8 holds variety in unit size and usage. The four corners of the building each have offices and kitchenettes. All units have private, non-shared restrooms.