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Storage Tips

Avoid Damage

To Avoid Damage

  • Use bubble wrap for any breakables.
  • Make sure to fill up each box to prevent shifting. Use items like newspapers, towels, paper towels or peanuts.
  • Neatly label the boxes that include fragile items, and place them in the unit towards the front so they don’t get shifted towards the wall or larger items that may cause damage.
  • Don’t store electronics in a room that gets below freezing. These subzero temperatures can wipe out your hard drive and ruin your TV.
  • Place mattresses flat. Standing up a mattress will cause the padding to shift more to one side.

Maximize Space

To Maximize Space

  • If you are storing small or awkward-sized items, use a shelving unit to maximize space.
  • If you have a dresser, put stuff in the drawers. Place your brooms, shovels, and rakes in an unused garbage can.
  • Stack according to weight and size: heavy items on the bottom and smaller boxes on top.
  • Vacuum seal clothing or bedding.
  • Disassemble beds and tables and store sofas upright.

Allow Easy Access

To Allow Easy Access

  • Make an aisle down the middle of the unit so you can walk freely without tripping or falling.
  • Label each box. Tip: label by room, contents or breakable.
  • Place furniture slides under heavy items so they are easy to move around.
  • Take inventory of your belongings so you can recall what is in your unit.

Keep Pests At Bay

Keep Out Pests

  • Dryer sheets placed in boxes and in the corners of the unit will keep pests away, but will also make your belongings smell fresh.
  • If you’re storing your vacuum, make sure the vacuum bag is empty. Particles of old food may attract critters.

Prevent Dirt

To Prevent Dirt Buildup

  • Use furniture covers for anything with fabric. Use fitted sheets around a mattress or box spring.
  • Before storing your wooden furniture, give it a good coating of furniture polish to repel dust and dirt.
  • Lubricate your metal items, like tools and bicycles, with oil before storing to prevent them from rusting.

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